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I Sold My Soul to the Devil, and the Devil’s Name Was Blog.

April 29, 2007

The day I swore would never come has arrived. Throwing out any alligance to print journalism, I gave up my morals and started a blog.

As a part of ye olde blogosphere, I am now single-handedly responsible for the downfall of print journalism … oops, I mean the MSM. According to Article 137-c, section 29, footnote 12 of The Bloggers’ Code of Laws, I am required to refer to “the internet” as “teh intarweb.” And whether I like it or not, illustrious bloggers like Michelle Malkin, John Derbyshire, and that fucktard that writes Little Green Footballs are now my peers.

Anyway, here’s all the basic info you need to know about my blog.

Who the fuck are you?: My name is David, and I’m a foulmouthed college student from North America. I’m an aspiring music journalist/aid worker/teacher/whatever. I’m currently an intern at Paste Magazine. In September I’m going to be living in Managua, Nicaragua. I also used to devote too much of my life to this other little thing.

Why the fuck do you need a blog?: Well, I’m going to be studying in Nicaragua for a while, and updating a blog is a lot easier than sending out personalized e-mails.

What are you going to be blogging about? NA Scum is pretty much going to be 1/3 about crazy goings-ons in Nicaragua, 1/3 bitchin’ photo blog, 1/3 audioblog. Expect a lot of great photos of Central America and posts about The Jesus and Mary Chain.

What’s with the name, asshole?: It’s taken from that LCD Soundsystem song. And I’m pretty sure the literal tanslation of “gringo” is North American scum.

Do you hate America?: Only sorta-kinda.

Well, I’m starting to feel weird, so I’m going to stop now. Writing a post for a blog no one knows about is kind of like talking to yourself — only more pathetic.

More later.