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Merry X-Mas…

December 26, 2007

 …I’m back.

I know it’s been a while, but I think you all will be happy to know that I’m alive, in one piece, and back in the US of A. I’m still getting used to wide open spaces, unfettered access to the internet, and all things American (apple pie, football, Republicans, etc.). It’s been a tough adjustment at times, but I’m getting through it ok. The first time I took a hot shower I almost fainted. I still feel the urge to throw toilet paper in the wastepaper basket, I can’t believe there’s no power cuts, and driving! Oh, sweet driving!

 Things here in the US are wacky. Looking back, I guess it was pretty cruel to put up a “Worst Case Scenarios” post that lists all the ways I could die and then not post anything for a few months. I got out to the RAAN to discover that not only did my town not have the internet, but it didn’t even have telephone lines. So for the worrywarts out there, I wasn’t eaten by rats, I didn’t get leprosy, and I sure as shit wasn’t kidnapped. So to make up for lost time and to ease the transition of Nascum to a music blog (more on that later), I’m going to post a page from the journal I kept while in the RAAN every day for the next few weeks. So get ready for steady updates!

Oh yeah, new flickr photos. Enjoy!