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NYT Photo Jumps The Shark

January 29, 2008

The Dividing Line

Ok, I usually love these pretentious-ass NYT photos, but I’m drawing he line here. This is a newspaper photo, not a Lansing-Dreiden art exhibit. Next thing we know they’re going to be running a photo of a woman’s eyeball getting slit open as lead art for a warrantless wiretapping follow-up story.

Fucking New Yorkers.  


Journal Entry #1

January 4, 2008


Here’s the first entry of many from the journal I kept while in the RAAN. I would have posted this sooner, but I got caught up in Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano and Jung Chang’s Mao: The Untold Story. Word to the wise: Don’t start two epic books on the same day you restart your blog. It’s a great way to go crazy.

From my 11/07/07 journal entry

Driving along the uneven dirt road from Puerto Cabezas to Sahsa, the first things you notice are the houses. Against the bleak, viridian landscape of the RAAN, the bright orange tarps used as temporary roofing immediately draw the eye, standing out against the felled trees and vast plains. Only the lucky families have plastic tarps protecting their homes from the elements, donated by various governments and humanitarian aid groups. They occasionally bear the logo “USAID: From the American People.” The unlucky families make due with what they can find: the occasional wooden plank, broken metal sheeting salvaged from the wreckage of the storm, and dried palm leaves, all thatched together to form a precarious, temporary shelter. Next to these houses are the vacant frames of wrecked houses, abandoned in the days after the storm by families seeking temporary shelter from neighbors. This is the scene in practically every town on the way to Sahsa, and for someone hoping to understand post-Felix Tasba Pri, it’s a crash course in the daily realities of the residents of the territory.