NYT Photo Jumps The Shark

The Dividing Line

Ok, I usually love these pretentious-ass NYT photos, but I’m drawing he line here. This is a newspaper photo, not a Lansing-Dreiden art exhibit. Next thing we know they’re going to be running a photo of a woman’s eyeball getting slit open as lead art for a warrantless wiretapping follow-up story.

Fucking New Yorkers.  


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4 Responses to “NYT Photo Jumps The Shark”

  1. half&half Says:

    so very agreed upon. at least they made an effort?

  2. Brian Says:

    sup mother– my friend and i are making a mixtape blog. the url is http://thecase.wordpress.com let me know if you wanna be a member! miss u dudey

  3. Brian Says:

    and i resent the “fuck new yorkers” line by the way

  4. jkim3 Says:

    hey dave! how are you? after browsing through your blog a bit i discovered some interesting stuff…sometimes good things do come from boredom. cheers.

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