New Vampire Weekend Track “Ottoman” Doesn’t Sound Pretentious At All


Along time ago, there was a band called Vampire Weekend that really, really liked Paul Simon’s Graceland. They liked Mr. Simon’s work so much that they released a whole album of never heard Graceland b-sides about commas, hanging out on the quad, and The Falklands War. And the whole thing ended up sounding like ska somehow. Of course, that was just the cat’s meow for just about every music critic, and the band members now sleep in beds made of money. The end.

Or was it? Turns out everyone’s favorite college grads are back, with a brand spankin’ new track called “Ottoman” over at Stereogum. And it’s for Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, a movie that absolutely in no way is trying to build off Garden State and Juno‘s inexplicable success. No. The film’s executive producers Nathan Kahane and Joseph Drake would never dream of doing something like that. They’re still too busy buying Ferraris with the money they made of Juno‘s domestic DVD sales.

Anyway, to make a long story short, this song is really hackneyed and boring. OH WELL.

Oh, and from now on, every graphic designer that uses that “Hey look, I sketched this my 7th period notebook” font on a movie poster gets thrown off a cliff. Mark it down, that’s a fucking rule.

[New Vampire Weekend – “Ottoman” (Stereogum Premiere)Stereogum]


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