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Shoddy Internet

September 26, 2008

Bah! The internet at my apartment is about as reliable right not as congressional republicans (*crickets*)… but I’m dedicated to posting at least once a day. So here are the latest Sarah Palin interviews. As it turns out, mentioning Sarah Palin is like reader catnip, so… Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, Moosefucking, lipstick, snowbilly, pig, Sarah Palin, Country first.

Note in this interview how Mrs. Palin is always looking down when she’s answering. One thing you learn when interviewing criminals — which I do from time to time at my job — is that when they look down, they don’t know the answer to your question and are totally bullshitting you. Not that that applies at all to this clip. Palin is totally on her shit when she babbles on about healthcare and polar bears or something.

Chuck Todd noted earlier today on NBC Nightly News that by limiting Sarah Palin’s interactions with the press, the McCain campaign has ensured that every one of her limited interactions with the press will be analyzed to death and that Palin will never get comfortable in that setting. So I beg Rick Davis and Co., please, keep her sequestered so we get terrible, terrible gems like these to… um… what’s the word Katie? Oh yes, mock. Mock, yeah. I guess that’s the word.