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Sarah Palin Will Get Back to Katie Couric On Facts and Stuff

September 25, 2008

I almost feel bad for Sarah Palin in this clip. Defending McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis — a man she most likely only met for the first time a couple weeks ago — and his well documented ties to morgage giants Fannie and Freddy Mac, she gets stumped on the facts by that sexist/elitist/secret Muslim Katie Couric. Oh, and Katie wasn’t done. Oh no. Trying to weasel her way out of a question about John McCain’s newfound status as Tha Regulator, Palin starts spewing some insignificant red-herring shit like “HUR DUR, JOHN MACKANE IS TEH MAVERICKS.” But Couric isn’t having it, cutting in with this delightful little exchange:

COURIC: I’m just going to ask you one more time, not to belabor the point. Specific examples in his 26 years of pushing for more regulation?

PALIN: I’ll… try to find you some and I’ll bring them to you.

Smell that? That’s the smell of leadership, baby. Like a said, I almost feel bad for Palin. But then I think about how her position on abortion would turn this country into Nicaragua and that we’d probably have to read about her batshit-insane Young Earth Theory in our public schools’ science textbooks, and then all the sudden I don’t feel that bad for her. All the sudden, I hope someone holds this ratfucker’s feet to the fire until after election day… and then a couple days more just for good measure. 

If I were the McCain camp, I’d keep Palin in a soundproof bubble and just roll her around from campaign stop to campaign stop so she doesn’t have to answer any questions but still gets too look pretty for the cameras.

[CBS Sarah Palin InterviewYoutube (via Wonkette)]


NAScum Blog Roundup Never Accepted Money from Frannie or Freddy Mac, but Would Love Some of that Sweet, Sweet Bailout Cash

September 24, 2008

McCain suspends campaign, wants to delay Friday’s debate until bailout bill is passed– This has nothing to do with the fact that McCain is trailing in the polls, has no clear economic message, and hasn’t devoted even a 1/16 the time Obama has to debate prep. No. It has nothing to do with that [Crooks and Liars]

Bush to Address Nation to Push Bailout – Well, this is sure to restore Investor confidence. [CNN]


McCain’s Embattled Campaign Manager Skips Lunch With Reporters – Everyday, the McCain campaign’s relationship with the media seems more and more like a messy divorce proceeding.  [Talking Points Memo]



Obama to release Yes We Can campaign soundtrack – What better way to shake your “celebrity” image than have a whole bunch of elitist, arugula eating, musicians record a soundtrack for your campaign! [Paste Magazine]


V Festival 2008: Amy Winehouse And The Verve Return – Everyday, Amy Winehouse looks more and more like Richard Ashcroft, so it’s only appropriate they’re both performing at V Festival 2008. [Gigwise]


Weezer Kicks off North American Tour – America yawns. [Spin]

MP3 Experiment 5 New York Details – Improv Anywhere somehow makes improv less annoying than usual with their 5thAnnual MP3 Experiment. [Improv Everywhere]

On a $52 Shirt, a Hardscrabble Name – J Crew is apparently now courting poor hipsters in “hardscrabble” Bushwick. [New York Times]